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A Scene Inbetween

The book celebrates the underground 80s indie guitar scene in the UK illustrated in 192 pages of carefully sourced, and in some cases, never-seen-before images of key musicians from this era. It was written and compiled by Sam Knee who, after being introduced to band Cramps aged 15, spent his teenage years being a true eighties indie boy crimping his dyed black hair and wearing Shelley’s Chelsea boots.

Both educational and inspirational, the book takes a fashion trip from 1980-1988 featuring well known eighties musical acts including The Smiths, Primal Scream and Orange Juice mixed up with lesser known talents like Televised Personalities and The June Brides. Looking through photos of the bands bowl hair cuts and charity shop outfits, it’s easy to draw comparisons to the style of today’s indie groups such as Peace and The Horrors.

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